Bird in Hand Case Study


The Assignment

Bird in Hand is a family-owned winery cultivating cool-climate wine that captures the spirit of South Australia’s Adelaide Hills. Bottled in Adelaide and beloved the world over, they produce a varied portfolio of fine wines, each one deliberately designed to celebrate life’s pleasures.

Bird in Hand is a world renowned producer of fine wine and high-quality products that deliberately celebrate the senses. With the continual increase in the growth and market exposure, a new role was created – PR & Luxury Manager. Located in the marketing division, this unique role required strong PR skills, together with creative writing ability. Without being able to advertise, this role became a search for an individual with international experience in the PR of products, preferably food or beverage.

The Solution

Blackman Mansfield worked closely with Terri in Human Resources who provided an in-depth brief of the type of person they were looking for. She understood it was unknown if an individual with the desired skills and experience existed in Adelaide, and if so would they be interested in a new position and working in the Adelaide Hills.

The search began, utilizing social media platforms, our existing database of candidates, and our networks within the industry and other relevant groups.  We initially focused on searching for the necessary skills and experience.  Several candidates were identified in Adelaide, some were not looking for new opportunities. We arranged to meet those who showed an interest, to discuss the role and Bird in Hand’s culture to ensure they were a fit for the position based on skill set, but also the unique work environment.

With PR experience from overseas in the food and beverage industry and a great cultural fit, Blackman Mansfield believed we had sourced the ideal person for the position. Her resume was presented to Bird In Hand and after interviews, psychometric testing and reference checks Bird in Hand agreed and the role was successfully placed via our search methods.

The Result

The successful candidate has recently commenced and is now settling in to the role of Manager PR & Luxury.  She is still pinching herself everyday as she sends photos to her overseas family and friends of the rolling hills and grape vines outside her window.  We enjoyed a coffee with our candidate a few weeks ago where she said she is overjoyed with her new position, “in a winery – everyone’s dream job when you move to SA!”

Bird in Hand have achieved their desired outcome and now have a dedicated PR & Luxury Manager with international experience from within the beverage industry, who loves their unique culture and enjoys the all-round atmosphere of working in the beautiful Adelaide Hills.

"...they hit the nail on the head with our preferred candidate."

“From the get go, Melanie and Joanne from Blackman Mansfield recruitment exuded professionalism and class. They have been a pleasure to deal with and communication has been clear and swift all the way through.

We provided quite a detailed brief covering both the skills/experience and cultural fit we were looking for and after reviewing a couple of CVs, they hit the nail on the head with our preferred candidate.”

Bird in Hand