Case Studies


The Assignment:

The Paech family have been living on the Beerenberg Farm for seven generations. They are proud to say they are still there working hard; picking strawberries, making recipes and tasting it all along the way!

Today the farm is run by the children of the business founders, Grant and Carol. Sixth generation Anthony, Robert and Sally oversee all the operations, from planting and harvesting to human resources and marketing, which has seen it grow in to the international success it is today.

To keep up with their rapidly growing business, Beerenberg engaged the services of  Mansfield & Co Recruitment to assist them with the recruitment of a full-time Management Accountant. The person they required needed to have solid experience in a similar role, strong analytical and financial skills, but just as important was ensuring the successful candidate was passionate and fitted in to their work environment and culture.

The Solution:

Joanne Blackman and Melanie Mansfield have over 30 years’ experience, much of which is in food and wine industries, and Joanne has had extensive experience with financial recruitment. Having been referred to Garry Martin, Chief Financial Officer, Mansfield & Co were an ideal fit to manage the recruitment. They helped to articulate and define the type of person who would complement Beerenberg’s family orientated environment with the skills required to successfully undertake the role of Management Accountant.

A recruitment process was devised to enable the meeting of tight timeframes, including advertising and search. The advertising focused on the values of Beerenberg, together with the appeal of the Hills lifestyle, to attract candidates with similar values and interests.

Adhering to strict timeframes, resumes were sorted (with both personal values and skills in mind), candidates were personally interviewed and a summary of the shortlisted candidates presented in person. With the interviews complete, Garry immediately knew his preferred candidate but to ensure the right decision was made (due the importance of this role), personality profiling was performed. This testing confirmed Garry’s thoughts and also provided a tool for best management practices.

The Result:

Working with Mansfield & Co saved Garry time, which allowed him to focus on other key areas of the business, knowing that the recruitment process was professional and in line with the company values. The recruitment process was an enjoyable one, rather than tedious, allowing both parties to share in the excitement.

The successful candidate is now settling into the role of Management Accountant. Both Garry and the candidate could not be happier! The candidate contacted Mansfield & Co Recruitment on Day 2, providing feedback stating “this is the best job ever!”. Garry is also smiling. Both parties feel they have achieved an excellent outcome – Garry now has much needed accounting support which frees him up to focus on more strategic tasks. The candidate is now enjoying working close to home in a challenging, yet fulfilling role whilst enjoying beautiful views from their office every day.

“…very easy to work with and very insightful.”

“I was very impressed with the effort that was taken in understanding not only the role, but equally important, the culture and dynamics of the team, and the type of skills and personality that would complement and enhance the team.

I found Joanne very easy to work with and very insightful. Joanne prepared a shortlist of candidates that added a great deal of value to the decision making process. I found Joanne to be very mindful of the timeframes of the recruitment, without compromising the process.

Ultimately, the outcome speaks for itself. The successful candidate is working out extremely well and we could not be happier with our Management Accountant.

Garry Martin, Chief Financial Officer