3 quick job search tips to help you land your next role

Job hunting is something we all have to do at some point in our lives, so here are some quick tips to make sure your search goes as smoothly (and quickly) as possible!

Get social!

Now’s the time to update your Linked In profile and make sure you can be found by recruiters and potential employers. Let your Facebook friends know you’re looking for a new role, and reach out to your networks and ask people to keep an eye out for potential job opportunities for you.

Be picky

Don’t apply to anything and everything. Be selective about the roles you apply to, and only apply to those in which you have relevant skills and experience – your chances of getting an interview will be significantly higher. Do your research on the organisation and only apply if you truly want to work there.

Be open to temp/contract work

You never know where a temp role could lead – even if it doesn’t eventuate to a permanent position, it might give you some experience in a new industry which could set you up for future opportunities.

Happy job hunting!


Written by Melanie Mansfield