5 Management tips for a successful new year

With the Christmas holidays quickly becoming a fading memory and the new year in full-swing, now’s the time to set your goals and intentions for the year ahead.

Here are my tips on what every manager should be doing now to ensure 2020’s a successful year.

  1. Get your team together

This is a great opportunity for some team bonding to get the new year off to a positive start, so consider building a team activity into the session. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant; an off-site breakfast or lunch is a great way to thank your team for their past efforts and bring everyone together.

Use this time to review the team’s successes, failures etc and set new team goals and targets for the year ahead.

Let the team know you’ll be conducting one-on-ones to discuss performance and to set individual goals which will assist their team to achieve the team goals.

  1. Check in with each of your team members

Hold a one-on-one with each of your team members in January to review their performance over the previous year and set intentions and goals for the new year. Discuss personal successes and achievements, areas for improvement, set individual goals for the year ahead, as well as discussing the broader vision and goals of the business and how they fit in to that.

It doesn’t have to be in a formal, meeting room setting – I think a coffee catch up in an external setting is ideal. You want your team members to feel relaxed and comfortable so you can have an open and productive conversation.

  1. Review your team structure

Did your one-on-one’s highlight that your team are feeling overloaded and under pressure? or, do you have a big project coming up that will require additional labour? Now’s the time to sit down and establish exactly what you need in terms of skill set and whether you can cover this internally. If not, now’s the time to plan for new hires and work on building position descriptions, an on-boarding plan and think about how you would like the recruitment to be managed.

  1. Make a commitment to enhance employee engagement and be a better leader

There are a number of relatively simple ways to do this including:

  • Let individuals know when they’re doing a good job
  • Promote a culture of work/life balance
  • Allow your team flexibility where possible
  • Give more meaningful feedback
  • Be supportive, honest and reasonable
  • Make sound and timely decisions and take responsibility for your actions
  • Have a positive attitude, display enthusiasm and confidence
  • Keep your team informed
  1. Try something different

Before you get settled and comfortable in the day to day, think about what you might be able to do differently this year. Be brave! Be bold! Shake things up! Just don’t fall into the trap of doing everything the same way that you always have.

Here are some ideas:

  • Seek out new technology to make yours and your team’s lives easier
  • Introduce a walking one-on-one meeting
  • Allow staff to take a community service/volunteering day
  • Bring in an external consultant to deliver training in something that isn’t job related
  • Introduce team building days
  • Invite your team to join you at a business event
  • Provide smart desks to employees
  • Consider whether staff can work remotely 1 day per week

A new year marks a new beginning. It’s the ideal time to reflect and make sure you’re being the best leader you possibly can be and are setting yourself up for your best year yet!