5 Reasons why you should consider taking on a contractor in the lead up to EOFY

The lead up to EOFY is a really busy time, and without fail every July we talk to employers who hadn’t thought of, or didn’t know that they could have had additional support by way of a contractor/temp to assist them through EOFY – and boy do they wish they’d known!

Whether it’s someone to help in admin or a qualified and experienced finance professional, there are a number of reasons why you should consider taking on a temp/contractor during peak periods – here are just some of them;

  1. Qualified and experienced accounting and finance staff require minimal training and can ‘hit the ground running’ adding value and expertise immediately.
  2. Bringing in accounting and finance temporary/contract staff to help out during EOFY or peak times within the business allows your team to focus on their key responsibilities, rather than take on additional duties which can lead to frustration, and over time a negative work environment.
  3. Temporary staff bring new ideas and a fresh set of eyes which can improve efficiencies and processes.
  4. Hiring temporary staff ensures the business continues to run efficiently and deadlines are met throughout peak periods.
  5. Flexibility! Once the initial work is completed by the Temporary/Contractor, you can end the assignment, or if you have further work many temps are happy to continue on a week-by-week or even day-to-day basis.