How to choose the right recruitment agency for your business.

There is no doubt employers are spoilt by choice when it comes to selecting a recruitment agency to work with. Ask anyone and they’ll be able to list off two or three recruiters they’ve crossed paths with.

So, when the time comes to engage a recruitment agency, how do you know which one to go with?

Before you’re dazzled by the prospect of tapping into the large databases belonging to the global agencies (which are often outdated given the frequent turnover of consultants), these are the 5 questions you need to ask yourself:

  1. Which agency is experienced in recruiting the type of position I’m looking for?

In a candidate tight market such as the one we’re currently in, networks are everything! Knowing that you’re working with a recruiter who understands the position requirements and has formed a solid network of potential candidates in that field, provides a real advantage.

  1. What was my experience as a candidate?

Was there an agency that wouldn’t take your calls, meet with you, or provide you with any feedback/advice when you were looking to change roles? If it’s important to you that the applicants who apply to your vacancy have a positive candidate experience, align yourself with an agency that prioritises their candidates just as much they do their clients.

  1. Which agency will provide me with the best service and will dedicate themselves to finding the person I’m looking for?

One of the biggest gripes from employers about working with recruitment consultants is poor communication. Any consultant worth their weight in gold will keep you informed of their progress throughout the recruitment process and will communicate with you regularly. There are agencies that do this well, and unfortunately, many that do not.

It’s also important to establish what the approach is of the agency when working on a role. Do they intend on just emailing you resumes from their database and if none of them are suitable they’ll then move on to another job? Or will they search high and low for your perfect person and work with you until a successful outcome is achieved? 

  1. Who do I connect with, both as a recruitment consultant and an organisation?

An alignment of values is crucial in any successful partnership. If you genuinely like and trust the consultant you’re working with, it will be a much smoother and more enjoyable process. 

  1. Which agency is genuinely interested in building a long-term relationship with me and my organisation?

Has the recruitment consultant scheduled time to meet with you to discuss the role and your requirements? Have they taken the time to get to know your organisation as a whole? Do they understand the company culture?

If you answered “no” to any of these, ask yourself if they’re truly interested in working with your organisation long-term and are committed to finding you the best person for the job, or are they just going to “flick” resumes at you hoping one will stick??!


The purpose of working with a recruitment agency is that they add value to the process and can connect you to candidates that you may not have been able to source through your internal processes.

One of the main things that keeps business owners and managers up at night is staffing issues, so having a recruiter you know and can rely on when you have a staffing need is invaluable!